PalatinoseTM is made from sugar beet by an enzymatic reaction. In nature, it exists in honey. Same as sugar, it is a disaccharide with one molecule of glucose and fructose each. As part of the SIS “Better For You” range, we are offering you SIS Low GI Sugar, which combines 100% natural sugar with PalatinoseTM (isomaltulose).

Our body need carbohydrates which breaks down into glucose for energy. Glycemic Index (GI) ranks how fast and how much the level of glucose in your blood after eating food containing carbohydrates in a score from 1 to 100.
Low GI food (55 or less) are digested slowly, producing a gradual and relatively low rise in blood glucose.
Food with high GI (70 or more) are digested and absorbed most quickly after consumption, causing a rapid increase in blood glucose. High GI diets are reported to be associated with a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.